Active Harmonic Filter

Power quality is a major concern for manufacturers and power plants. Power quality issues arise due to harmonic disturbances and reactive power generated by unbalanced loads, variable frequency drives and motors. These issues have serious consequences and may prematurely age equipment, cause energy loss or poor functioning controls and synchronization circuits, and increase energy expenditure, component and transformer costs.

With more than 20 years radio frequency interference experience, Enerdoor developed the active harmonic filter series - the FINHRMAC and FINHRMA  to solve harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonics and power factor correction generated by industrial loads.


  • High performance and reliability
  • Harmonic elimination
  • Unaffected by network conditions
  • Modular design starting 35A
  • Available in 400 - 480 - 600 - 690 Vac
  • Easy installation
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