Industrial Solutions

Thanks to IGBT technologies, machines and electronic devices are using a VFD inside their system. The reason for this rapid proliferation is the versatility the IGBT gives the VFD. Many industries are beginning to see the advantages of using this technology.

Induction devices, like industrial ovens, are using the SCR technology. Both the VFDs and SCRs will generate electrical interference. This interference may be found between adjacent machines or between machines and other devices. Several factory applications of IGBTs include:

* Machinery
* Coolers
* Uninterruptable power supply
* X-ray inspection machines
* Conveyers
* Battery rechargers
* Electric vehicles
* Heavy construction equipment (excavators, mining machines, grinders)

VFDs and SCRs are commonly found inside industrial factories. However, this technology is proliferating into many other areas. For example, VFDs may be found in the following locations:

* Hospitals
* Commercial malls
* Commercial buildings
* Theme parks
* Airports
* Stadiums

Enerdoor works with customers to minimize the electrical interference generated by VFDs, SCRs, servo drives, and other sources, regardless of the location. We have the capability to analyze each problem and offer the best filtering solution to resolve the problem.

Enerdoor Parallel Filters are very useful in many situations. This design, unique to Enerdoor, attenuates noise in the low frequency range. The parallel nature of the filter makes it independent from the current in the system. Manufactured in a compact case with DIN rail mounting, the parallel filter eliminates any possible source of electrical noise generated by VFDs and SCRs.

List of Enerdoor filter solutions used for industry application:

Browse Recommended Filters:

Single Phase RFI Filter Models: FIN26 Single Phase RFI Filter | FIN27 Single Phase RFI Filter | FIN27G Single Phase RFI Filter | FIN33 Single Phase RFI Filter | FIN50 Single Phase RFI Filter |

Three Phase EMI Filter Models: FIN7213 Three Phase Filter | FIN1700 Three Phase Filter | FIN3755 Three Phase Filter | FIN1900 Three Phase Filter | FIN1200(HV) Three Phase Filters | FIN1500(HV) Three Phase Filter |

Three Phase Plus Neutral: FIN1240 Three Phase Plus Neutral Filter | FIN1740ESM Three Phase Plus Neutral Filter | FIN1940 Three Phase Plus Neutral Filter | FIN1940E Three Phase Plus Neutral Filter |

DC Filter: FIN7212 DC Filter |

Motor Protection: FINSTP Star Point Snubber | FIN5980P Output Filter | FIN5983 Output Filter | FIN47SNB Snubber Motor Protection for dV/dt | FIN905SF Sine Wave Filter |

Passive Harmonic Filter: FINFF Line Reactor 230 Vac | FINHRM5 Passive Harmonic Filter | FINFF Line Reactor 400 Vac | FINFF Line Reactor 480 Vac | FIN950 Line Reactor Filter |

Active Harmonic Filter: FINHRMA |

Parallel Filter: FIN730.001.M Three Phase Parallel Filter | FIN740.068.M Three Phase Plus Neutral Parallel Filter | FIN230SP.001.M Three Phase Parallel Filter |

Power Factor Correction: FINSVG Active Static Var Generator |

Voltage Stabilizer: FINSTCA Three Phase Asymmetric Voltage Stabilizer | FINSTCY Three Phase Asymmetric Voltage Stabilizer | FINSTC Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer | FINSMC Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer |

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