Harmonic filtro activo

The introduction of power devices such as variable frequency drives in many areas have resulted in great improvement in energy saving technologies. However, these devices also have strongly nonlinear absorptions generated by distorted current waveforms. This can cause various problems within a user’s company. 

Providing a solution, Enerdoor proudly offers a range of passive filters for harmonic currents available up to 450 A with voltages up to 690 Vac. Custom filters are also available for voltages over 690 Vac.

These three series of passive harmonic filters offer different levels of attenuation to provide the market with the best compromise to meet the various international standards such as EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12 or IEEE519.


  • High performance and reliability
  • Harmonic elimination
  • Unaffected by network conditions
  • Modular design starting 35A
  • Available in 400 - 480 - 600 - 690 Vac
  • Easy installation
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