Renewable Energy

In recent decades, the demand for electricity by industry and households has increased significantly. The resulting increase in consumption of traditional raw materials such as coal, oil and uranium has accelerated the search for alternative energy sources. The emphasis has been on developing safe, clean and efficient renewable energy in light of the dramatic impact the use of convention power stations has had on air pollution, for example. In the case of nuclear installations, the effects of waste products and pollution can have a huge effect on people’s health, and years of environmental clean-up.  To view the Renewable Energy brochure, please click here.  

Photovoltaic Application

In this application, diodes incorporated in the solar cells convert light into a continuous electrical current (DC). The voltage must therefore be transformed into an alternating current at main frequency (50 or 60 Hz)(AC).

Enerdoor Filters for Photovoltaic Applications

Eolic Application

In this application, wind energy is converted into electricity by a mechanical system based on a turbine (horizontal or vertical), which rotates the electricity generator.

Enerdoor Filters for Eolic Applications

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