Motor Protection - The Enerdoor Snubber

This white paper discusses Enerdoor’s newest product the FIN47SNB snubber and how it benefits markets facing voltage wave reflection issues due to the use of variable frequency drives (VFDs).

It can be challenging for OEMs, system integrators and distributors to ensure that installed motors are well protected. Applications using VFDs can negatively affect the longevity of motors, in particular winding insulation and bearings.

The Enerdoor snubber FIN47SNB is a unique solution using low power loss to contain overvoltage spikes.  It reduces common mode and differential mode noiseis used in parallel to the system, and is an ideal solution for improving reliability of winding insulation and bearings.

Why Enerdoor's Snubber is Essential

  • Protects motor insulation and bearings
  • Increases production and lowers costs
  • Low power loss
  • Reduces temperature
  • Suitable for open and closed loop applications
  • Very stable and difficult to saturate
  • Compact case

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