Filtros EMI-RFI
International Leader in the Design and Manufacturing of Standard and Custom…
DC Filter
Filtro DC
DC Filters are EMI Filters for DC Applications
Motor Protection
Protección del Motor
Protect Motors From Harmful Overvoltage and dV/dt Spikes
Harmonic Filter
Filtro de Armónicos
Industry Leader in Power Quality Solutions
Parallel Filter
Filtro Paralelo
Protects Against Variable Frequency Drives, SCRs and Controllers
Power Factor Correction
Power Factor Correction
New Technology for Power Factor Correction
Medical and Military Filter
Medical and Military Filter
Our Complete Line of Off-The-Shelf Filters are Available in Medical and…
Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage Stabilizer
Protect Equipment From Harmful Voltage Fluctuations
Surge Protection
Surge Protection for Electrical Equipment in class I and class II
Custom Filter
Custom Filter
Custom Filter Solutions for Unique Applications
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