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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) poses a significant threat to the optimal performance of electrical circuits. This type of interference can lead to degradation, impairment, or even complete disruption of electronic systems.

To address these challenges, EMI/RFI filters play a crucial role, particularly in the context of variable frequency drives and servo drives used in automated machinery. These components often generate RF disturbances at high frequencies, adversely affecting nearby electrical devices such as machinery, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, and personal computers. EMI/RFI filters are designed to mitigate both differential and common mode interference.

In industrial environments where machinery operates in close proximity, the risk of interference is heightened. Reliable EMI/RFI filters are indispensable in preventing radio frequency noise interruptions. This becomes especially critical as interference can lead to control malfunctions, resulting in faulty outputs, accidents, or production loss due to machine failure.

As a leading global manufacturer of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filters, Enerdoor offers cutting-edge solutions tailored to diverse industries and applications. With an extensive filter series, Enerdoor ensures the availability of the right EMC filter for your needs. The company provides a range of options, including single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase plus neutral filters.

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Benefits of Enerdoor EMI/RFI Filters:

  • Compliance: Ensure your electrical and electronic products meet national and international EMC standards
  • Interference Reduction: Effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, safeguarding the integrity of sensitive equipment
  • Prevent Device Failures: Mitigate the risk of failures in PLCs, sensors, encoders, and PCs
  • Component Longevity: Increase the lifespan of sensitive components within your systems
  • Downtime Prevention: Guard against production downtime by minimizing the impact of interference
  • Disturbance Reduction: Alleviate disturbances in other machines and buildings
  • Attenuation Excellence: Provide outstanding differential and common mode attenuation

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Filtro Monofásico RFI

General-purpose filters designed to suppress undesirable electrical disturbances. Offers a current range from 3 to 75A with nominal voltage up to 690 Vac.

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Filtro Trifásico

The largest and most complete EMC filtering solutions in the industry. Offers a current range from 5 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac.

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Filtro Trifásico más Neutro

Offers a current range from 3 to 2000A with nominal voltage up to 600 Vac.

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