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Troubleshooting for power quality and electromagnetic interference 

Over the last decade, Enerdoor has measured and solved hundreds of power quality and electromagnetic interference issues utilizing our on-site troubleshooting service.  Enerdoor offers decades of OEM equipment experience combined with skilled EMC Engineers able to go to the end-user to troubleshoot EMC failures or malfunctions on either specific machinery or the entire facility.

It is not only in large facilities where power quality and electromagnetic interference issues occur.   Today, small and medium end-users utilize CNC machines, wood machines, packaging equipment, HVAC units, and other industrial equipment which may cause poor power quality and interference issues between machines or buildings. 

Here are two examples illustrating the variety of applications in which Enerdoor power quality and electromagnetic troubleshooting service would be beneficial 

  • HVAC units controlled by VFDs are often installed in offices, commercial centers, hospitals and schools. Due to the fact that these units are both, comprised of several devices and used in the same vicinity as other devices, the potential for power quality and interference issues between the machines and other units increase.
  • In order to optimize and control production, farms are now using VFD pumps, RF radio detectors and sensors. This results in increased potential for power quality and interference issues.

Enerdoor EMC engineers offer a unique combination of EMC products, motor protection and CE testing experience to analyze record and install solutions that resolve power quality and motor failure issues.  These EMC issues are often associated with increased costs due to decreased or stopped production.

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