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Enerdoor's team of EMC engineers brings a unique blend of EMC products, motor protection devices, harmonic solutions, and CE testing to effectively tackle power quality and motor failure challenges.

Since our establishment in 1992, Enerdoor has been at the forefront, addressing numerous power quality and electromagnetic interference issues through our on-site, flat-rate troubleshooting service—ensuring guaranteed solutions. Armed with decades of experience in OEM equipment and a skilled team of EMC engineers, we can directly assist end-users in troubleshooting EMC failures, whether on specific machinery or across entire facilities.

Power quality and electromagnetic interference challenges are not exclusive to large facilities. Even small and medium-sized end-users, employing CNC machines, packaging equipment, HVAC units, wood machines, and other industrial machinery, encounter issues causing poor power quality and interference between machines or buildings.

EMC problems often translate to increased costs due to reduced or halted production. Consider these two examples illustrating the benefit of Enerdoor's power quality and EMC troubleshooting service:

  1. HVAC units controlled by VFDs are commonly found in offices, commercial centers, hospitals, and schools. The proximity of these units to other devices increases the likelihood of power quality and interference issues between machines and surrounding units.

  2. Farms, in their pursuit of optimizing production, employ VFD pumps, RF radio detectors, and sensors, creating an environment with an elevated potential for power quality and interference issues.

Trust Enerdoor to provide tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the impact of power quality and EMC challenges across various industrial settings.

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