Process Plants

Power Quality Solutions for Processing Plants and Large Facilities

Enerdoor offers EMC and power quality solutions specifically designed for processing plants and large facilities. These solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of these environments, providing enhanced protection against electromagnetic interference and ensuring the smooth operation of critical equipment.

Our solutions include a range of EMC filters, surge protectors, and shielding materials that are tested and certified to meet industry standards. With our power quality solutions, processing plants and large facilities can operate with greater reliability and efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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RF Noise in Process Plants

It is no secret that machinery in a plant generates RF noise but the question has always been “How much noise?”  RF and poor power quality problems in a plant manifest as a machine that constantly resets, machinery that goes off track, or machinery that stops working properly. Much of this behavior can be traced to inter-machine RF noise.  A better understanding of power quality can have an impact on the overall efficiency of a machine, process, or plant and also reduce operational costs.   

What creates this noise? Many machines use servo drives and variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control rotating machinery. These VFDs create high-frequency noise that radiates out on the input power cable. If a drive cable is close enough to a signal cable that the two cables couple then the noise from the drive cable can radiate onto the signal cable. The signal can be overwhelmed by the noise and cause false readings causing the PLC to make incorrect decisions.

Another source of RF noise is the silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). These devices are often seen in welding and brazing equipment, industrial ovens, and other large applications where systems need to develop or maintain temperatures in the system. As the SCRs turn on, the voltage on the input power line momentarily drops because of insufficient power to feed the load. This causes glitches on the power lines within the plant causing nearby PLCs to reset if the glitch duration is long enough.

Reliable Power Quality Solutions

Enerdoor solves RF noise problems by installing EMC filters on each panel that controls a VFD or an SCR; preventing RF noise from leaving a machine and preventing RF noise located within a plant from entering a machine.

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