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In the dynamic landscape of contemporary manufacturing and power generation, power quality is a paramount concern. Enerdoor takes the lead in providing cutting-edge solutions to address crucial challenges associated with unbalanced loads, specifically focusing on two pivotal power quality issues—harmonic distortion and reactive power resulting from a low power factor.

Understanding the Issues: Devices like variable frequency drives, servo drives, and LED light drivers, which rectify AC to DC, can introduce harmonic distortion. Controlling this distortion is crucial to minimize its impact on other equipment within a facility. Enerdoor's passive harmonic filter and line reactor series stand out, catering to diverse requirements in terms of harmonic reduction and cost. These solutions are particularly recommended for single-drive applications and are sized based on the total current.

Exploring Enerdoor's Harmonic Solutions:

  1. Passive Harmonic Filters and Line Reactors:

    • Tailored for single-drive applications
    • Sized based on the total current
    • Effectively reduce harmonic distortion

  2. Active Harmonic Filters:

    • Operate in parallel
    • Compensate for both single and multiple-load applications
    • Offer flexibility for use in individual applications or an entire facility

Benefits of Enerdoor's Harmonic Solutions:

  • IEEE-519 Compliance: Assurance of adherence to IEEE-519 standards for harmonic levels, reinforcing commitment to regulatory compliance.
  • Harmonic Distortion Reduction: Achieve a reduction to less than 5% harmonic distortion, even with unbalanced voltages of 2.5%.
  • Equipment Protection: Limit harmonic distortion within specified levels to safeguard other equipment in your facility.

Enerdoor's commitment to power quality goes beyond solutions—it's a promise of excellence. For more detailed insights into our Harmonic and Power Factor Applications, visit our dedicated page. Choose Enerdoor for pioneering solutions that redefine power quality standards.

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Passive Harmonic Filters and Line Reactors

This series is recommended for single drive applications and sized by the total current. Available up to 1400A with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac.

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Active Harmonic Filters

This filter works in parallel and compensates current for single or multiple load applications operating under varied loads. Used for single applications or an entire facility.

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