Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Solutions for any Application and Industrial Environment

Power quality analysis is a crucial procedure that assesses the overall safety and efficiency of a building or facility's power supply. By scrutinizing elements such as power flow, grounding, and harmonics, this process aims to determine the quality of electric power.

Various factors can lead to poor power quality in electric power, impacting the functionality of electrical loads. Inadequate power quality may result in malfunctions, premature failures, or complete non-operation of electrical devices or loads.

Issues in power distribution, such as harmonic distortion, voltage variation, and poor power factor, are commonplace and can stem from within a facility, neighboring buildings, or directly from the power company, regardless of the facility's size.

The significance of power quality becomes paramount during new installations, equipment replacements, electronic device upgrades, or when evaluating existing applications. Enerdoor stands out as an industry leader, specializing in identifying and addressing the root causes of power quality problems. Our solutions are not only effective but also affordable, designed to safeguard equipment and prevent production downtime.

Our mobile testing units are equipped to conduct power quality analyses in diverse industrial environments and applications. Enerdoor's power meters can meticulously record data for extended periods, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand, facilitating effective problem resolution, and ensuring equipment protection.

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