Power Quality

Improve Power Factor & System Efficiency

Power quality is a critical aspect of electrical systems, influencing the proper functioning of loads and devices. Whether planning a new installation, upgrading equipment, or modernizing electronic devices, considering power quality is paramount.

At Enerdoor, we address various power quality challenges, offering solutions for harmonic distortion, reactive power, power factor correction, and voltage variations and surges. Our mobile testing services provide a comprehensive power quality analysis for industrial environments, ensuring a thorough understanding of issues and facilitating effective solutions to safeguard equipment.

Key Power Quality Issues and Enerdoor Solutions:

  1. Harmonic Distortion: Harmonics, often generated by non-linear loads like VFDs and servo drives, can lead to severe problems for electrical components, causing production downtime and premature device failure. Enerdoor's Harmonic Filters effectively mitigate harmonic distortion, protecting transformers, motors, servers, phones, and lights.

    For more information, explore our product line: Enerdoor Harmonic Filters

  2. Reactive Power: Reactive power, a significant concern in manufacturing plants, arises due to the non-resistive nature of machines with capacitors and inductances. This leads to issues with power factor and harmonic distortion. Enerdoor's active and passive harmonic filter series provides a cost-effective and reliable solution, compensating for reactive power and improving power factor.

    For more information, explore our product line: Enerdoor Power Factor Correction

  3. Power Factor Correction: A poor power factor, often generated by direct loads like motors controlled by soft starts, can significantly increase electricity bills. Enerdoor addresses power factor correction, helping improve power factor from ideal 1 down to the worst at 0. This correction is crucial as some states in the U.S. and certain European countries impose higher charges when power factor drops below specified thresholds.

    For more information, explore our product line: Enerdoor Power Factor Correction

  4. Voltage Variation and Surge: Commonly arising from fluctuations in the power distribution network, voltage variations and surges pose challenges to electrical systems. Enerdoor's Voltage Stabilizers offer solutions to this widespread problem, ensuring consistent power quality even in environments with frequent load changes.

    For more information, explore our product line: Enerdoor Voltage Stabilizers

Contact Enerdoor for a complimentary and confidential consultation to safeguard your equipment and optimize its performance. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective power quality solutions for your specific needs.



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