Medical Equipment

Due to Very High Safety Standards, Medical Devices must be Equipped with Special EMC Filters

The medical industry has very specific parameters that must be met for components in a system and EMI filters are included in this. There are regulations that not only define the performance of the filter but also limit the leakage current to ground for filters used in medical applications.  These regulations are because medical equipment is extremely sensitive, very precise, and deals with people’s health. 

Leakage current is caused by having components, in particular capacitors, that are connected between the line and ground; allowing current to flow or ‘leak’ onto the ground plane.  Enerdoor offers a complete line of EMI-RFI single-phase, 3-phase, and 3-phase plus neutral filters with very low leakage current or zero leakage current. This series typically filters from 150 KHz to 30 MHz.

In addition to the standard filtering line, Enerdoor offers solutions with attenuation of 100 dB operating in a range of 9 kHz to 10 GHz depending on the model. These filters are designed to have very low, in some cases no, leakage current in order to comply with various medical standards. Filters are offered in single and three-phase, as well as for signal lines such as remote controls, sensors, and other cables for digital signals.

Customized solutions are available to satisfy various application requirements.  

Filter Usage Frequency Range
Scientific applications 100 kHz - 10 GHz
Medical applications 5 MHz - 5 GHz


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