Motor Analysis

Improve Motor Performance and Extended Motor Life

At Enerdoor, we offer comprehensive motor analysis services to help improve the efficiency and reliability of your automation and industrial systems. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate and reliable data on the performance of your motors. 

With our motor analysis services, you can identify potential issues before they lead to costly downtime or equipment failure. We use a collaborative approach to work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your specific needs, whether you require predictive maintenance, performance optimization, or troubleshooting support. 

Our goal is to ensure that your automation and industrial systems operate at peak performance, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Contact us today to learn more about our motor analysis services and how we can help improve the reliability of your systems.

Motor Analysis

Enerdoor motor analysis is ideal for motors up to 690 Vac and specializes in analyzing the waveform, voltage, current form, and shaft voltage directly on the motor.  Motor analysis allows us to understand the root cause of premature motor failure and provide economical and speedy solutions to ensure motor performance and prevent production downtime. 

Did you know that electric motors consume 19% of the total energy produced in the United States?  Or that more than 70% of all the electrical energy used during manufacturing is consumed by motor systems?  In the processing industry, this figure increases to 90%.  Motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide energy savings but disadvantages in terms of overvoltage spikes, heat, and power loss on the motor.

The square wave and overvoltage spike, or dV/dt, creates additional heat stress on the motor causing winding, insulation, and bearing damage for motors. Eliminating these spikes on the motor cable reduces the heat stress surrounding the motor and results in increased motor performance and extended motor life.

Unique Solution that Eliminates RF Noise

In the past shielded cables have been used to contain electrical noise. However, by installing Enerdoor's new technology, the sine wave filter, there is no longer a need for shielded cables between the VFD and motor.  The sine wave filter is a superior solution as it eliminates RF noise while a shielded cable is only able to contain it.  The Enerdoor sine wave series is from 0 - 880A with high-frequency solutions available.                    

Standard waveform measured when the motor is controlled by a VFD   Standard waveform measured when the motor is controlled by a VFD, with an Enerdoor sine wave filter installed

Industry Leader

Enerdoor's unique combination of being an EMC filter manufacturer with decades of field testing experience has positioned us as an industry leader in motor analysis and protecting motors from overvoltage transients and spikes.  Contact Enerdoor today for additional information on motor analysis services, for a free quote, or to discuss your requirements.  

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 A selection of standard applications and recommended Enerdoor solutions:

Example of Applications

Product Description

Enerdoor Solution

 Cable < 100 feet



 Cable > 100 feet

 Sine wave filter


 Large motor > 100HP



 Frequency output > 75Hz cable < 100 ft

 High frequency inductance


 Frequency output > 75Hz cable > 100 feet

 High frequency sine wave filter


 Servo drive with closed loop control



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