High frequency differential choke with excellent attenuation to reduce dV/dt

FIN5955 Differential Inductance

  • Rated current from 3 to 20A
  • Increases motor life
  • Protects against voltage spikes on the motor
  • Low power loss up to 250 Hz frequency output
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Safety terminal block connectors
  • Very compact case
FIN5955 Differential InductanceVoltage (Vac)Current (A)Carrier Frequency (kHz)Output Frequency (Hz)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Weight (Kg)CaseDownload
.003.M60030 - 160 - 25060125510.41Drawings
.006.M60060 - 160 - 25060125510.41Drawings
.010.M600100 - 160 - 25060125510.451Drawings
.020.M600200 - 160 - 25060125510.451Drawings

Case 1

Case 1

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