Passive Harmonic Filters and Line Reactors

This series is recommended for single drive applications and sized by the total current. Available up to 1400A with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac.

A harmonic filter is engineered to curtail harmonics to tolerable levels. Commonly employed to meet IEEE-519 compliance, these filters become indispensable in industries such as Oil & Gas, HVAC, Water/Wastewater, and Mining.

The Consequences of Unaddressed Harmonics

Left unattended, harmonics pose severe threats, causing damage to components, production downtime, and attracting penalties from utility providers. Enerdoor addresses these challenges comprehensively through its advanced harmonic mitigation solutions, including passive harmonic filters and line reactors — renowned as the industry's premier THDI reduction solutions.

Passive Harmonic Filters:

Our passive harmonic filters represent the prevailing method to regulate harmonic currents. Beyond meeting compliance standards, Enerdoor's passive harmonic filtering solutions elevate performance by improving flicker emissions and mitigating the impact of voltage dips under 5ms. Available up to 1400A with nominal voltage reaching 750 Vac, this series offers diverse attenuation levels, ensuring compliance with EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12, and IEEE-519 International Standards.

Introducing FINHRM5C: The Epitome of Innovation:

Witness our latest technology, the FINHRM5C, setting new benchmarks as the most advanced and compact passive harmonic filter in the market. Ensuring IEEE-519 compliance, UL recognition, and a current range up to 1400A, the FINHRM5C epitomizes excellence. Additional offerings include FINHRM (up to 200A) and FINHRM5 (up to 800A), each tailored to specific requirements. These filters remain impervious to network impedance and are designed to guarantee a power factor greater than 0.9, with the option of an external capacitor for enhanced power factor correction.

Line Reactors:

Enerdoor's line reactors play a pivotal role in safeguarding motors and mitigating power line distortion, commonly known as "dirty power," arising from variable frequency drives. Deployed in various applications, these reactors extend the lifespan of VFDs and motors. Leveraging 3% impedance reactors on the line side and 5% impedance reactors on the load side, Enerdoor ensures the integrity of your power systems.

Embrace the future of harmonic mitigation with Enerdoor—where innovation meets reliability, setting new standards in power quality solutions.

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FINHRM5C Passive Harmonic Filter

• UL approved
• Ensures IEEE-519 compliance
• Nominal voltage 480 Vac (HV version 690 Vac)
• Rated current from 10 - 1400A
• Reduces current THD to <5% with an unbalanced voltage of 2.5%
• Compact size – one of the smallest in the industry
• Base/wall mounting installation
• Modular system

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LRT Three-Phase Line Reactor
  • Minimal power loss
  • Mitigates harmonic distortion
  • Class H windings
  • Available with thermocouples
  • Compact dimensions
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