Did You Know About.... Our Surge Protection Line?!


Thank you for visiting our news!  Today we'd like to talk about our Surge Protection series!

What is surge?

Surge voltages are short, pulse-like voltage peaks also known as transients.  Lightning strikes are the most well-known cause of extreme surge voltage pulses.  Electrical equipment is continually stressed by the hundreds of transients that occur every day in the power supply network, such as those caused by switching operations.  Also known as surge protection devices (SPD), or transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS), Enerdoor provides comprehensive protection against surge voltages.

Why is surge protection important?

Surge protection is important because surge voltages cause device destruction, system downtime, data loss, production downtime and total system failures.  The comprehensive Enerdoor surge protection series diverts harmful overvoltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events to ground safely.

Applications for Surge Protections:

-End users
-OEM equipment
-Production / commercial facilities
-Machine tools
-Solar and wind power

Please contact Enerdoor Support anytime to discuss your application requirements.  We would be esteemed to be your reliable partner for any issues relating to surge protection. Please email us at info@enerdoor.com, call 207-210-6511 or contact your local sales rep. 


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